Corruptive Minds

Corruptive Minds is a gaming community that has been around for over a decade, built by friends with the same basic values who always try to have a good time. Our current focus on Twitch streaming and sharing our special brand of humor with anyone who wants to join.

About Us

Twitch Streamers

Starting with techniq, we're branching into streaming. We're all gaming together on a regular basis as it stands, so we decided to share our special brand of shenanigans with everyone else. Find us on Twitch! Links a plenty on the site.

YouTube Videos

With our branching into streaming, the VOD's on Twitch as well as local recordings, we're getting a presence setup on YouTube as well. Check us out on YouTube to see replays, highlights and even full streams.


Twitter is the fastest way, other than Twitch, to find out what we're up to, what we're doing, or get our attention. You can find techniq on twitter here.

While we play a variety of games, you will likely find us in some sort of FPS. Currently Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) and soon to be Destiny 2. Whatever it is we've been playing, you can find it on YouTube or Twitch.


Here you will find the latest videos and highlights

techniq, the founder of Corruptive Minds, and guy with the pipe dream of creating a truly successful streaming community and gaming organization.

sinisterDei, skilled gamer and technical guru for Corruptive Minds. When we can't fix it(or we're the reason it's broke) he always saves the day.

baka, the most laid back and easy going of the team, and usually the most consistent skill.

Veeaye, brilliant theory crafter, solid gamer, and keeps his friends on their toes. And skills? Shit. He used to be CAL-i